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Winter 2017 Favorite Things

So, I totally love when one of my favorite bloggers posts about their favorite things. There’s nothing better than getting someone’s recommendation, right? I don’t really like to buy anything… Read more »

The Big List of Simple Summer Meal Ideas

Once it gets hot out, I try not to turn our oven on at all because it heats the house up like crazy and then we have to run the A/C even more to cool it off. So here are some simple summer meal ideas that you can make without turning the oven on.

Lemon Cheesecake Bars

The whole recipe only takes 6 ingredients! These are wonderful to make for entertaining because they taste best if you make them ahead of time so that they can chill.

My Minimalist Shoe Collection For A Bad Back

I’ve come up with a pretty good system for creating a simple/minimalist shoe collection of quality footwear that is good for my back. Plus, since I’ve started paying more for shoes, I’ve found that it is totally worth it to spend more on quality shoes and own less pairs of shoes.

6 Things I Can’t Live Without

I’ve been thinking of a few things that I can’t live without. Now of course, these are just things that make my “first world” life extra wonderful and they are not necessary to my survival. Kind of 🙂