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7 Things Killing Your Christmas Budget

It’s almost Christmas! Yay! I just love Christmastime. Have you stuck to your Christmas budget or has it been thrown out the window at this point? We’re doing pretty well sticking… Read more »

Our Simple Christmas Traditions

I distinctly remember thinking about Christmas traditions for the first Christmas Austin and I were married. We both had family traditions that we grew up with. Some of those traditions… Read more »

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving coming up, we all start to think of what we are thankful for. And while I love that the holiday brings out our thoughts of gratitude, it’s something… Read more »

7 Fabulous Family Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas Gift Ideas Week on the blog! Christmas is less than three months away (yay!), which is an awesome time to be writing down gift ideas and keeping an eye… Read more »

The Best Board Game Apps – Play Anywhere!

So here’s the thing, we really like to play board games. However, it’s not always convenient to play board games. They can have millions of little pieces, you have to sit at… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Christmas! (in July?)

Ok y’all, we are less than six months away from Christmas. I know you’re not ready to think about Christmas trees and sleigh rides while you’re sunnin’ your buns on… Read more »