2 Things that Absolutely Must Be In Your Morning Routine

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2 Things that Absolutely Must Be In Your Morning Routine | Successful Morning Checklist | Healthy Morning Habits I have worked at creating a good morning routine because let’s face it, it takes so much effort to get over a bad morning!

Think back to the last time you were rushing to get out the door (maybe you don’t have to think too far back). How did the rest of your day feel?

On mornings that I am rushing to get out the door, I usually spend half of the day feeling frazzled and stressed. If I didn’t take a minute to eat something, I get hungry and cranky. If I didn’t get a chance to get ready, I feel gross and self-conscious. It’s no good!

There are even days that I’m home all day and am just too lazy to take care of myself. And do you know what I get done on those days? Haha, nothing. My productivity is definitely tied to my being awake, alert, fed, and cleaned up. Maybe you can relate.

At the beginning of last year, I went through a course called Make Over Your Mornings to help me create a better morning routine (loved it!).

I now have a simple morning routine that I go through when I wake up.

On days that I am rushed and have no time at all, I boil my morning routine down to just TWO things that have to happen.

If you are a stay at home mom or if you work full time or if you’re anywhere on the spectrum in between, these two things need to be a part of your morning routine.

And let me just clarify that a routine is not the same as a schedule.

A schedule would say that I have to be up at 7am and have each tasks assigned to a time of the day.

A morning routine is just a series of tasks that you do when you wake up. If I wake up at 6am, I go through my routine. If I sleep in until 11, I go through my routine. That’s why this is for everyone. If you’re reading this, it’s for you 🙂

2 Things that Absolutely Must Be In Your Morning Routine

1. Nutrition

I know you know that you shouldn’t skip breakfast. You might even make sure that your kids and spouse have something to eat in morning, and then you don’t take care of yourself.

Basically every study ever done on the matter proves how important breakfast is. Eating first thing in the morning will give you more energy, get your metabolism going for the day, and can even aid in weight control.

Plus, we all know that hungry = cranky. Or even hangry (definition: so hungry that you become angry).

I know most of us don’t have time to cook a big, delicious, healthy breakfast every morning. I mean, I could make the time most mornings because I work from home, but I’ve got other things to do.

By “nutrition” in your morning routine, I just mean drink a glass of water and get a little something good in your belly.

Here are some ideas of quick and easy foods that will get you going in the morning.

Super Quick Breakfast Ideas:

  • Multigrain Frozen Waffles: We’ve been eating these a lot lately. I can find them for $1.30 or less per box which makes it 26 cents for 2 waffles. Inexpensive, nutritious, and delicious!
  • Yogurt: It’s easy to grab and go and is filling.  
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: I often boil five or more eggs at a time and store them in the fridge so that they’re ready to go.
  • Cereal: Just look for one with a higher amount of fiber and protein. I adore Shredded Wheat Little Bites Chocolate.
  • Oatmeal Packets: These cook in the microwave in one minute and they’re inexpensive. Austin has a bunch of them in his desk at work so that he can make one up in a coffee cup if he’s hungry.
  • English Muffins with Peanut Butter: Bonus points if it’s a whole grain English Muffin.
  • Protein Bars: These can get a little expensive, but if you need something that you can grab as you run out the door, protein bars or granola bars are an option.
  • Fruit: I don’t like to eat fruit in the morning with nothing else, but fruit goes with any of the foods listed above. Pears and apples have a lot of fiber that will keep you full. Plus, they travel well.
  • Water: I try to fill my water bottle and put it in the fridge at night before bed. Then I’ve got no excuse not to drink water first thing in the morning. If I’m going somewhere, I can bring it will me. If I’m staying home, I carry it from room to room with me all day.

Quick & Healthy Breakfast Options for Your Morning Routine

2. Getting Ready

I know you probably do a little something to get ready in the morning if you have to leave the house, but I’m a big proponent of spending a few minutes getting ready no matter what.

On days that I never get ready and stay in my PJs all day, I feel gross, unproductive, and I notice myself having lower self-esteem.

It’s important to get ready for your day so that you can take on whatever challenges arise! 

When I worked full time, I spent more time getting ready. I got dressed in proper clothing, did my hair, and went through my quick makeup routine. It made me feel good to go to work looking presentable.

Now that I’m home all day, my standards have definitely changed, but I still get ready.

My Stay-at-Home Getting Ready Routine:

  • Wash my face
  • Put my hair up
  • Change into fresh clothes

In all honestly, I change from pajama pants into yoga pants each day unless I have to leave the house, but they’re clean and make me feel good.

Just that tiny routine of getting ready in the morning makes me feel awake, alert, and like I can handle my to do list for the day.

Morning Routine

Most days, my morning routine consists of a few more steps to get me ready for the day, but even on the busiest of mornings, I make nutrition and getting ready a priority.

Eating a little something and getting cleaned up and dressed are things that will start your day well wether you’re off to work, working from home, or spending your day caring for your kiddos.

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⇒ Do you eat breakfast every morning? What is your morning routine?


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